7 Tips To Choose The Right TV

If you need a new TV for your home, choosing one has to take into account a large amount of factors. From budget to size, display type, resolutions and TV features these all have to be figured out before the actual purchase is made. Some people like to purchase certain brands, so you'll have to filter down the possible choices to only the brands you know and trust. Other people like to do some research before even thinking about purchasing a new TV set.

Here are a few tips to make choosing the right TV easy:

1. TV Price

One thing you should set first is your budget. You can't just purchase anything without setting a spending limit first. If you require only a small TV for your kitchen, you shouldn't go beyond $200 for your purchase. If instead you'd like a new home cinema system so you can watch movies on the big screen, then you'll have to set aside a larger budget in the $1000-$2000 range. Then you'll

2. TV Size

The size of the TV is also an important aspect you need to take into account. If you have a limited space, then you should take some measurements of the available space and make sure your new TV will actually fit. It isn't wise to purchase a larger TV and then make modifications in your living room, because that's extra work and sometimes extra expenses.

3. Display Type

Once you've figured out the budget and size, you should think about the type of TV you need. There are several technologies out, starting from the standard LCD, moving to the much brighter and energy efficient LED display and all the way up to plasma TVs and even projection (or DLP) TVs. You should know that with an LCD you could probably get a cheap price tag, while with an LED backlit display you'll get more energy savings in the long run, since they consume less electricity.

Plasma TVs are great for people who want large display which don't suffer from ghosting effects or any type of blurring during high speed movie scenes and games.

4. TV Resolution

TV resolution usually translates in picture quality. Of course there are a few TVs that are still being made under the 720p tag, but if you want true HD quality and enjoy the extra detail, you should always look for TVs which are rated 1080p. This means it can support resolutions of up to 1920x1080 pixels.

Comparing two TVs of the same size and different resolution capabilities, you'll certainly see that a 1080p can cost a little more than a 720p would, but that price gap has narrowed down quite a lot in the recent years and you should still aim at getting a 1080p resolution TV since these will get a lot cheaper in the near future.

5. TV Features

Some TVs do exactly what a TV is supposed to do: play movies and that's it. Others come packed with a lot of extra features which allow you to surf the web, keep in touch with friends and family via social networking, play games or even have 3D capabilities.

While a standard TV is fine to get, why not aim a little higher since most TVs with a lot of features don't cost all that much over regular ones.

6. TV Brand

Any marketed TV will be produced by a brand. Usually people stick with brands they trust and that's fine. You should get a TV from a brand that you've had positivd past experiences with. If you find a TV with a ton of features but comes from a shady brand you've never heard of, steer clear since there isn't probably any customer support or even a legitimate warranty.

7. Other Customer Reviews

If you make your purchases online you can usually check what other customer had to say about the product you're interested in. Some web stores allow you to sort out the best TVs according to customer reviews and their ratings. This way you'll actually get a lot faster to the TV you want to purchase.

Now that you know a few things about buying a new TV and how to research the best TV for your needs, go and visit best TVs for under $500 and best TVs for under $1000 for a few exceptional TV choices.

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  1. Very informative article, I will keep these points in my mind while buying a new tv, Can you also recommend a good laptop in this list